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We provide a “clear path” to your business success through outstanding IT service and solutions.

We’ve seen too many businesses across Central Illinois suffer from inadequate IT support. Your business deserves more than just a fix-it guy who comes in when he can to get your computer running again. You need a partner who cares about the needs of your business and who will ensure your technology is always available to help your business succeed. Ultimately, you’re looking into us because you’re considering hiring us to take care of all your IT needs.

Three Key Reasons Why ClearPath IT Solutions Is Your Right Choice.

Doug Schaffnit Schaffnit and Associates

“RELIABLE & DEPENDABLE. This says it all. After years of partnering with Steve and his group, I know I can rely on them to get me back in the game when our company experience’s hardware or software issues. They have been able to extend our equipment life and budget, with their knowledge. I operate with great confidence knowing that we won’t be separated from our clients for any longer than necessary. I recently called at 8:05 on a Monday morning to report a problem with our server over the weekend. I was impressed when they told me they already knew about it, that their system had alerted them and they were already working on a solution. Their a great partner for IT needs. Doug Schaffnit President Schaffnit & Associates, Inc.”

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