Are You 100% Confident That Your Network is 100% Secure?

If you answered ‘yes’, we hate to be the one that bursts your bubble, but no network is 100% secure. There are new innovations in technology and hacking that constantly change the threat landscape. Due to this, it is a constant battle to keep up. Still, it’s more than possible to manage those risks with proactive care and effective strategies. How can you do this? By following a few steps and considering your options you can strengthen your networks.

Law Firms Computer Security

Especially in the legal industry, data security is absolutely essential. Your clients rely on you to keep their confidential information protected, and even just a short period of downtime can be disastrous for your practice. That’s why ClearPath IT Solutions offers security solutions aligned uniquely with your needs, to help ensure that those possibilities don’t become a reality.

Reliable Security Tips for The Legal Industry

First of all, it’s important that the security solutions that you rely on have been well planned and are the right fit for your office. ClearPath IT Solutions takes the time to get to know your needs and processes so that our team is able to provide solutions that offer maximum protection.

One way to protect your network is to utilize a strong firewall. This offers a reliable layer of protection designed to stop viruses and malware from coming into your system. Additionally, it is important to run regular scans of your entire network and make sure that your virus/malware definitions are up-to-date before you run the scan.

This may seem trivial, but when choosing passwords, your team needs to make sure that they are difficult to guess. Do not use the same password for more than one account and try to use a mixture of symbols, letters, capitals and numbers.

The software that you rely on for your systems should also always be up-to-date. As software and programs get older, vulnerabilities can be found that will offer a way for hackers to get onto your network. One way to combat this is to patch the vulnerabilities.

All of the devices that are used to connect to the network should be protected. This includes smartphones, laptops, tablets, and anything else. We know that mobile devices are increasingly useful in law offices, allowing employees to check email, attend meetings, and even generate documents, so it is important to protect the devices and the network against unauthorized access.

Don’t wait for a disaster to hit that can cripple your practice by compromising data or cutting you off from clients. We will review your systems and security needs, planning for optimal performance and enhanced protection. We remain up-to-date on the threat landscape and can get you as close to 100% as possible.

Let us put our knowledgeable staff to work for you. Contact us at (309) 407-3043 or send us an email to and feel confident knowing your practice is protected and safe from internal and external threats. 

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