5 Of The Best Office 365 Apps For Better Productivity

Over the last few years, there’s been a huge shift to mobile use. Employees just seem to love the convenience of being able to work from their phone. Mobile computing is now the new norm. We’re no longer tied to our desktops like we were years ago. Whether you’re traveling or running from meeting to meeting, your phone, laptop and cloud computing can be your best friends.

However, mobile computing also creates challenges for the business owner. Below, are a few of the major issues:

  • BYOD Challenges – Users manage all emails, contacts, calendars, apps, content, and web browsing from one workspace on their company or personally-owned devices, but are they using the best security to protect all this data?
  • Real-Time Compliance – There are apps to detect when users opt out of MDM, install prohibited apps or initiate SIM so automated, corrective policy actions can be taken. You need some control over what your users are doing out in the real world.
  • Multi-OS Mobile Support – Support for all mobile devices including iOS, Android, and Windows Phones.
  • Increased Security and Compliance Enforcement – Sometimes employees just don’t understand the dangers of having sensitive company information on their phone or laptop. They get careless and lay their phone down on the table in a restaurant and suddenly it disappears. Can you remotely erase all your company info? What if you are in a regulated industry like healthcare? Do you need to report this incident?
  • Reporting & Analytics – Gain insight into the distribution of mobile devices across different operating system platforms, approval statuses, device capabilities, ownership, and more. Today’s advance mobile intelligence dashboards can deliver an interactive, graphical summary of mobile environment operations and compliance.

Are You Ready To Get More Productive?

Once you get all the wrinkles ironed out of the whole mobile device management process, there are some great benefits to having and using today’s best apps. You can work from any location. You can work on the go. Your employees can work smarter. Below are five of the best apps out there:

  1. SharePoint App: Browse sites, find files, get the latest news with the SharePoint App. You can personalize it for you and your organization. You can create content or get expertise all while on the go. SharePoint combines AI with the mobile app experience to give users a great collaborative experience. SharePoint works well in the cloud or on-premises.
  2. OneDrive App: You can store files up to 10GB in size, and sync over all your devices, including PCs, Macs, tablets, or smartphones. The OneDrive app lets you work on documents both in the Cloud or offline on your own computer. Use OneDrive to save space on your computer. You can backup and access files in the Cloud rather than on your computer device. This way you can save computer space for your really important data. You can access your files 24/7 from anywhere on any internet-connected computer device. OneDrive’s collaborative features let you share files with coworkers or collaborate on shared projects. You can also download a file, edit, and upload it to share.
  3. Office 365 Admin App: If you have Admin access to Office 365, this app allows you to take care of all administration tasks from your mobile device (smartphone, iPad, etc.). You can manage users, and other aspects of the Office 365 environment. Access the Office 365 Admin panel wherever you go.
  4. Outlook App: Microsoft Outlook helps you organize your email and receive updates if items are changed. It can save you time and help you stay on top of high priority tasks, and reduce the clutter of your Outlook inbox. You can connect your personal email to your company email making it easier to manage conversations and projects.
  5. Teams App: A business of any size needs to collaborate daily on projects, clients, and even inter-office activities. The Teams application makes it easy for you to get together with a partner, a client or your own staff for any type of conversation. Want to plan an office outing with your group? The Teams app allows your staff to do this from the comfort of their own desk.

What Are Some Tips For Success?

More than ever before, users want to be connected, and employers are choosing to allow employees to use their own personal mobile devices at work. Smartphones and tablets alike are flooding the workplace, and as a result, many companies are searching for ways to keep their corporate network secure while minimizing costs.

One of the best ways to do this is to encrypt the data on your laptop so if it’s stolen criminals won’t be able to access it. Better yet, ask your managed service provider to implement Remote Management Monitoring and Mobile Device Management on all your computers. Threats can be detected, blocked and deleted and your mobile device wiped clean if it’s lost or stolen. Otherwise, if someone steals your laptop, they can crack your login and password and read everything in your files.

In today’s fast-paced world, there are lots of great ways to collaborate and be more productive, but security has to be of utmost importance. If you’re ready to let your workforce go mobile, then consult with your managed IT service company. Ask them to help you implement a good program with excellent security.

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