The 3 Secrets Other Business Computer Service Companies Won’t Tell You

What is your Business Computer Service company hiding from you?

Handling your I.T. on your own isn’t a good option for most businesses. Why? Because it is a lot of work, and you should be focusing on running your business, not worrying about your system security, updates, data disasters, and applications. At the time, though, you don’t want secrets between you and your business computer service company – it’s your technology, and you need to know what’s happening with it.

A lot of I.T. companies will take advantage of you – be careful when selecting the right I.T. provider. Some will take advantage of how vulnerable you think you are; causing you to never leave because you think you are trapped. Don’t get stuck with a company that keeps secrets and withholds information from you. Stop feeling trapped in I.T. service you don’t understand, and take control of your technology before it controls you.

Here are 3 secrets that will help you understand if your Business Computer Service is being straight with you:

  • Billing should be easy to understand: It should always be clearly exactly what you’re paying for, and you should never see charges for something you didn’t agree to ahead of time. In many cases, it’s better to demand flat-rate service packages that provide all your support and services for one monthly fee – keeping your budget consistent and removing uncertainties.
  • Geek-speak isn’t allowed: There is no place in business to have paid services in different languages; leading to confusion and misunderstanding. Why should you have to pick up a geek-speak book to understand what you are getting? Demand that all conversations and documents be in plain English, and if you don’t understand something, send it back!
  • It’s not hard to demand transparency: Everyone should be following up on what was done to their systems. Ask your I.T. provider for a copy of your support service tickets so you understand what is going on every time you ask for assistance.

With Enok Cloud Services | IT Services & IT Support In Peoria, you never have to worry about being trapped by bad service because you will ALWAYS know what is happening.

Rely on plain English explanations and flat-rate Business Computer Service to keep your support understandable and your billing clear all the time, every time. There are no secrets here.

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