Compliance Is Not Just for The Big Companies

The regulatory landscape is becoming more challenging each year as compliance is becoming more stringent and enforcement violations are becoming more severe. Regulatory compliance does not care how big your firm is. The rules and regulations apply to every business.

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It is imperative that your small firm is educated in the current regulatory landscape. Any fine for non-compliance could cause a major hit to your bottom line. Do not wait until you are fined to make a change, review your compliance mandates now and make sure you are within the guidelines.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when reviewing your compliance needs:

  1. Where do you do business? A local presence will have different regulations that a company that has a global presence.
  2. Who do you do business with? Your business connections will also affect the regulatory compliance requirements.
  3. Has there been a change to your business that would affect your compliance requirements?

A fine from the SEC could be devastating. In 2015, the SEC’s fines and penalties for all businesses amounted to $4.2 billion. There were over 800 enforcement actions handed out. A little over 500 of those were independent actions, and of the remaining 300, a portion were businesses that were delinquent in required filings. The previous year, the numbers were similar.

Reviewing your compliance requirements and understanding the current landscape can save your business money and hassle in the long run. Additionally, it is important to maintain compliance by keeping up-to-date with the changes in the regulatory field.

Let us help you with this. We have compliance experts who can review your needs and offer the best solution for your small financial firm. Our experts stay up-to-date on the compliance requirements for your industry.

Gain the peace of mind you need to stay focused on serving your clients. ClearPath IT Solutions provides the guidance and solutions you need to maintain industry compliance. Contact our team of IT experts at or (309) 263-5600.

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