Why We’re the Best Alternative to the Usual Type of Computer Repair in Bloomington IL

Aren’t you tired of the way most “computer guys” address your PC repair issues? It seems like they don’t bother with rooting out the true causes of computer problems so that they can keep charging you again and again for computer repair in Bloomington IL and perpetuating business for themselves.

Well, we believe it’s unethical, unworkable, and it’s just plain out.

With ClearPath IT Solutions, you can say goodbye to computer repair as it has been practiced in past decades. Say goodbye to those “computer repair services” companies who keep people with repetitive computer problems coming in through their revolving door in an endless cycle of break-fix PC repair situations.

These types of computer repair “specialists” only seem to be good at temporarily putting out fires – without eliminating the source of those fires.

Well, it’s time to forget traditional computer repair in Bloomington IL and discover what a managed IT services provider (MSP) like ClearPath can do for you instead.

You’ll find that having a skilled and competent managed services provider (MSP) like ClearPath IT Solutions handling your IT management will significantly reduce – if not totally eliminate – those things the average, old-school computer repair tech thrives on.

Instead, with an MSP handling the monitoring and maintenance of your entire computer network, IT and computer security measures will be put in place that acts as a reliable guardian against any incoming cyber threats.

Likewise, with proper intrusion detection and prevention tools and proper BDR – backup and disaster recovery – as well as antivirus software, etc. in place, your individual computer terminals will be surrounded by a fortress of security, both internally and externally.

We’re Not Your Average Computer Repair Service in Illinois

Although we’re not making the claim that MSPs across the board beat traditional computer service, we are saying that you can do a whole lot more with an MSP handling ongoing network monitoring and management as opposed to taking your individual computers and devices into a computer repair tech periodically for a computer fix.

Convinced we’re the fully-qualified expert in computer repair in Bloomington IL you need? If so, contact ClearPath IT Solutions at (309) 263-5600 or send us an email at sales@clearpathIT.com to book your no-obligation consultation with our team today, and get the right business IT solutions today!

Alternative Computer Repair in Bloomington IL

Our diligent and disaster-preventative computer services mean our clients consistently receive:

  • The regular reporting they require.
  • The reliable IT-system functionality they expect.
  • Dependable and alert network security.
  • Consistently guaranteed server uptime, and much more.

Our happy clients love the fact that our consistent computer services in Bloomington IL prevent periodic PC repair service calls for common issues like an email phishing attack or a malware virus, and help forego tablet repair and laptop repair by combining technical savvy with long-term service agreements.

We can also augment your in-house IT department and help you develop strategies that, again, eliminate repeat computer service calls for all-inclusive, breakdown-preventative measures.

Information systems technology plays a vital role in your organization, but managing this complexity can be a distraction to your key business objectives. With our IT consulting team managing things, your IT can be a powerful tool used to gain a competitive advantage.

Our highly-trained and skilled ClearPath IT Solutions team can free up your IT department, allowing you to refocus your resources on more important business initiatives fundamental to your operations.

We strive to build strong, positive relationships with our clients on a more personal level, taking pride in treating our clients like they are our family – demonstrating the value we bring as a managed services provider every day, with each job we do.

When you need technology to work for you around the clock, ClearPath IT Solutions’ fully managed IT support protocols encourage the growth and success of your business, and here’s how:

  • By focusing on your business growth and improving your bottom line.
  • Controlling business costs and improving technology ROI.
  • Freeing-up IT resources and eliminating your in-house staffing challenges.
  • Improving efficiency by identifying IT department weaknesses and filling in vital gaps.
  • Reducing system downtime and speeding up problem resolution.
  • Optimizing your entire IT environment.

Moreover, we understand the crucial role that budgets play in IT decisions.  Whether you own a small company, a mid-sized firm, or a large corporation, we can provide you with a complete managed IT services program custom-fit to your business model and budget.

What You Get with Our Bloomington IL Computer Repair Avoidance

It’s not a term you’ll hear around the water cooler, or really at all. Partly because we came up with it: computer repair avoidance.

You heard that right. To get your head into the world of a multi-benefit managed service provider like ClearPath IT Solutions, you have to think in terms of computer repair prevention – not cost, pricing, value, where to get it, etc.

We’re here to trim the fat in the computer repair business, and we’re doing it by eliminating the common causes of computer repair issues.

Here’s our basic rundown of how we approach your computer repair in Bloomington IL:

  • Before we provide our services, we get to know your business. That means sitting down and learning about your operations, processes, needs, and the biggest obstacles that technology we help you overcome.
  • We help you plan strategically for your future, ensuring you’re working with the right IT services to help your business thrive.
  • Our proactive planning and business technology assessments keep you safe from cybercriminals, hardware issues, and even natural disasters.
  • With our data backup and business continuity solutions, you always have access to your resources so your business never grinds to a halt.
  • And, we’re a highly-responsive IT support team, so whenever you reach out, we’re here to help.

With ClearPath IT Solutions, you have a trusted IT partner who can handle your computing and communication demands that distract IT from focusing on what’s most critical to your business – growth.

Of course, we can always mitigate an existing computer repair issue like those mentioned above, but you likely won’t be needing it on your “Clear Path” to better IT management.

Because You Need a Bloomington IL Computer Repair Avoidance Expert

You need to contact ClearPath IT Solutions at (309) 263-5600 or send us an email at sales@clearpathit.com to book your no-obligation consultation with our team today, and get the right IT solutions to help you avoid traditional, break-fix computer repair in Bloomington IL!

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