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Being able to call ourselves Central Illinois’ “Preferred IT Company” isn’t something that comes unearned. It comes with years of dedication to giving our core clientele what they’ve come to expect – and then some. We’ve devoted ourselves to providing IT services that go beyond the normal benchmarks of what’s simply “acceptable,” providing the computer repair Peoria companies depend on to keep them running on all cylinders.

It really comes down to reputation and legacy. We can’t leave a legacy of respectability and excellence by doing something substandard, so our computer support protocol is based on giving our clients something they will be beyond merely satisfied with. It must make them say “Wow! I didn’t know IT companies could do all that!” That’s what we live for – that point of “peak customer satisfaction” where clients glow with praise and come to expect the excellence we’re trained to deliver. That’s why for us, computer repair in Peoria must include:

  • Full-spectrum IT security
  • Strategic IT Consulting
  • Wireless networking and Support
  • Perimeter and Email Security Solutions
  • Hosted Exchange and Hosted Services
  • Cloud Technologies and Solutions
  • Desktop Virtualization Services
  • More Office 365 Support
  • Comprehensive Technology Assessments
  • Innovative, Secure VPN Solutions
  • 24/7 Help Desk Services

We cover every business sector and also provide specialized support for high-risk industries like the financial, law, and healthcare segments. Our managed IT services make getting and maintaining IT support as easy as making a phone call or making a simple online inquiry. We stay on top of every possible networking contingency so you don’t lose sleep over possible issues. Our business continuity planning means you can look ahead with confidence that your enterprise can and will weather any cyber-storm, hardware failure, or natural disaster. And with managed antivirus services, business telephone management, and the full range of IT services currently available – we make vulnerabilities and threats to your network a non-issue.

Computer Repair Peoria Trusts

ClearPath is proud to offer computer repair Peoria trusts, with our around-the-clock help desk and responsive IT staff. Get the exceptional computer support you deserve by calling us today at (309) 263-5600 or emailing us at for more information!

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