Is Your Business Prepared for These Critical Technology Upgrades?

All good things in life must come to an end, and Windows Server 2008 is on its way out. Has your business planned for shifting your storage solutions to the cloud?


Technology professionals tend to find a solution that works well and is stable and stick with it as long as possible, avoiding the often-painful upgrade process in favor of known operations. In January 2020, Microsoft will deprecate support for its Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 platforms — causing businesses throughout the world to scramble to determine if they’re ready to move to the cloud or need to find an onsite alternative. With Windows program managers noting that up to 70% of Windows Server 2008 making up approximately 70% of installations and an additional 40% of the remaining installs Windows Server 2008 R2, this is going to cause a significant problem for businesses if they aren’t fully prepared for a shift. As the deadline looms, is your business fully prepared with an end of life plan for Windows Server 2008?

Business Impact of End of Support for Windows Server 2008

There are only a few options for businesses that are still running Windows Server 2008: upgrade or purchase Extended Security Updates from Microsoft. You can find a full list of Microsoft’s product lifecycle support on their website, but there are some versions of the Windows Server 2008 family that are not even eligible for these¬†ongoing security updates and paid support. Microsoft’s support cycle is intended to encourage businesses to take steps to move off of a platform before the end of the support period, often offering significant discounts and incentives to take the step. This particular upgrade is significant because Microsoft is encouraging businesses not only to upgrade to a new hardware or software platform but to significantly shift their business model from onsite servers to their Azure cloud-based servers and storage. While some businesses simply aren’t comfortable making the move, others are struggling to get the work completed before vital security updates end and vulnerabilities are introduced into their business servers.

Maintaining Security for Your Business Servers

As the workhorse of your business applications, your servers need to be fully secure at all times. Even if your business is currently running Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2, it’s already time to start considering an upgrade path as these products will lose extended support by January 2023. As you’re considering upgrade options, keep in mind that extended support for¬†the following platforms will also be ending on January 14, 2020:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
  • Windows 7
  • Office 2010

Additionally, Sharepoint 2010 extended support will expire on October 13, 2020. Making the shift to Azure isn’t completely painless, making it important to have the support of a full-service IT provider at your side during an upgrade. Everything from your Active Directory logins to file-sharing could potentially be impacted by an upgrade. There are a few different options for upgrades, including making the jump to a newer Windows Server OS or shifting to Azure. Unfortunately, businesses that are on Windows Server 2008 will need to make a double-jump via Windows Server 2012 before upgrading to the 2016 or 2019 versions of the platform. This can introduce greater problems into the organization unless carefully managed by technicians who are familiar with the needs of the business.

As server technology enters a new era, businesses need to determine whether they are ready for a full-scale shift away from physical, onsite servers. The experts at ClearPath IT Solutions excel at reviewing the available solutions and helping your business decide which direction will work best based on the current and future technology landscape. Contact us today at 309-322-2479 or you can speak with Peoria’s top-rated computer technicians by booking a free initial consultation online. From managed IT services to upgrades and software implementations, you can trust that ClearPath IT Solutions always has the best interests of your business top-of-mind.

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