Guardian Wealth Management Trusts ClearPath IT Solutions to Perform a Complete Technology Refresh & Protect Confidential Data!

Located in Peoria, Illinois, Guardian Wealth Management provides a wide range of services to its clientele of high net worth investors. Ron Kirby is President and Executive Wealth Manager at Guardian Wealth Management and discusses how ClearPath IT Solutions helps protect their confidential data.

Ron Kirby refers to Guardian Wealth Management as a holistic wealth management firm. As a registered investment advisory company in the securities industry, Guardian Wealth Management delivers not only investment and estate planning, but also through other professionals, both legal and accounting services to provide true holistic wealth management for clients.

The situation: a holistic wealth management firm looking for a trustworthy technology partner to help them manage and secure their data. 

Guardian Wealth Management was looking for an IT company that would provide more of a holistic approach, as opposed to on-demand services, to help them meet all of their needs and requirements. Ron explained, “Being in the securities industry, we have privacy needs, encryption requirements, all of that kind of stuff.”

He continued, “IT interfaces with everything we do,” Ron explained, “we use technology everyday – for our critical review purposes of accounts and clients; for investment reports; for connections with attorneys and CPAs – the list goes on and on.”

The solution: a complete technology refresh – replacing an aging server, updating workstations, implementing endpoint encryption, and more. 

In an effort to make sure they’re meeting their security and confidentiality needs, Guardian Wealth Management decided to find an IT company to help them undergo a massive technology refresh to install new servers and computers while securing all confidential data. ClearPath IT Solutions was the perfect choice – helping them to:

  • Replace an aging server
  • Refresh all of their workstations
  • Provide offsite backup
  • Implement endpoint encryption
  • Update their CRM software
  • Install a network firewall

Having the experts at ClearPath managing the technology refresh ensured the success of the project. Ron explained, “There’s no doubt in my mind that we are highly securitized and we feel very confident with what ClearPath IT Solutions has put in place to keep our clients’ personal information secure. We absolutely have more peace of mind now!”

Ron also noted that in providing the conversion to the new server and other technology related functions that needed to be implemented, ClearPath IT Solutions was exceptionally accommodating to their normal daily activities while these IT solutions were integrated, which was exceptionally beneficial.

He offered some valuable insight into the results of working with ClearPath IT Solutions, “If something goes down, they’re very prompt at getting back to us so we’ve been very pleased with that. When we updated our systems, it was time to gut the old and bring in all new systems and it really helped speed up our performance in terms of our workstations and helped integrate everything together. I’d absolutely recommend them!”

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