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In order to grow, email solutions must be agile and flexible. 

Clear Path Solutions, LLC provides Hosted Exchange Solutions that give your business the advantage of superior connectivity without the need and associated cost of an in-house mail server.        

Email plays a vital role in your business communications by keeping you in touch with clients, co-workers, partners, and vendors.  As you’re trusted IT partner, Clear Path Solutions, LLC provides IT services and solutions that are designed to make your life easier – Hosted Microsoft Exchange provides mobility and flexibility, allowing you to get your work done wherever it’s most convenient for you and improving collaboration as you’re able to remain accessible wherever your work takes you.

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Our Hosted Exchange Solutions will provide your company with the following advantages:

  • Reduce Operating Costs– Hosted solutions offer “pay-as-you-go” services which depend on the number of your users which you can increase or decrease as the need arises, and the services you use. You know what you are paying for as there is no guesswork.
  • Customized Solutions – You can access all the office IT solutions that you currently use with automatic system upgrades and customize what you need for your particular business.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access – Access important company data anytime from anywhere with Mobile Sync services to smartphones like the iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry or Android.
  • Enhanced Security – Security updates and upgrades are automatic to ensure you are always working securely no matter what device you’re using.

Clear Path Solutions, LLC provides IT services and solutions that streamline business operations, keep you connected on the go, and ensure your business is always functioning at its absolute best.  With Hosted Microsoft Exchange, you have peace of mind knowing you’re always accessible to clients and able to work with employees and clients while on the go.

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