Preparing for a Post-COVID-19 Future: IT Adaptations for the Future Workplace

IT Adaptations In The Workplace Post-COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought drastic changes to many workplaces. A lot of these changes will continue after the immediate crisis, and they present new challenges that businesses must adapt to. As businesses prepare for a post-COVID-19 future, here are some of the ways they’ll need to adapt, so that remote workers, office workers, and their entire IT system are all safe.

Work-at-Home Solutions for Employees

First, businesses should implement work-at-home solutions if they’re able to. While not every job can be done from home, employees who can work from home ought to be given that option, at least for the immediate future. In an age of prolonged social distancing, this is one of the best ways to maintain distance and help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (along with other diseases).

Security Solutions for the Internet of Things

Second, businesses will need to make sure their networks and IT systems remain secure in the future. This, in particular, is a dual-faceted concern that businesses have to prepare for.

With many employees working at home, businesses must develop security solutions for both office and home networks. It is no longer suitable for IT professionals to only assist businesses with their office setups. Still, they also should help make sure anyone who works from home has a safe and secure way to communicate with in-office employees and other at-home employees. A weakness in a home setup could potentially expose a business to data breaches and other online risks.

As the Internet of Things grows, this will become an even bigger challenge. The Internet of Things refers to interrelated computing devices that aren’t traditional computers. For example, smart appliances, smart cars, and smart locks can all already be added to a personal or professional network.

While these devices may add convenience and capability, each one presents another security risk that must be protected against. Additionally, many of these devices don’t come with the same security systems that traditional computers have in place — which further makes protecting a network difficult.

Clean Work Surfaces for the Office

At the office (or any other workplace), the importance of maintaining clean work surfaces will become even more important. This includes both obvious objects that everyone touches, such as doorknobs and elevator buttons, and some objects that might not be so obvious.

In particular, businesses will need to implement cleaning protocols for technology devices. Printers and scanners that all employees use, as well as keyboards and mice that only a few employees use, should all be cleaned regularly to minimize the spread of disease. In many offices, these items are all regularly overlooked and become quite dirty.

Cleaning technology devices, of course, presents some unique challenges because they can’t simply be wiped down with an all-purpose cleaner. Compressed air can help blow dust out of devices, but it won’t disinfect these devices. Instead, wipes and covers can be used to minimize how much disease spreads through multi-person use of devices.

Get Help Keeping Everyone and Everything Safe

If your Central Illinois business needs help to implement IT solutions that will help keep all of your employees safer, contact Clearpath IT Solutions. From simple questions about cleaning devices to complex issues involving Internet of Things security, we’ve helped businesses in the region with many IT issues. We have the expertise necessary to assist your business too. Together, we can help improve safety and security in the post-COVID-19 world.

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