Can Our IT Company Keep Us Secure?

Here’s How Your IT Company Can Keep Your Business Secure

Can our IT company keep us secure even though nearly 65 percent of small and medium-sized businesses in the United States have been a victim of one sort of cyber-attack or another?

Hackers managed to steal nearly 450 million data records containing sensitive data in 2018, which is increase of 126% compared to 2017.

What You Need to Know About Cybersecurity and Your Organization

Finding and selecting an IT company to trust with your security is a strategic move as your digital assets are now of utmost importance. Building and developing a business without having proper protection against cyber threats is like leaving the door of a brick-and-mortar store open in the night. So, how do you make sure that your IT company is keeping your digital assets safe from prying eyes and secure from hacking?

The cyber defenses provided by your IT service provider should cover elements as varied as email clients, Wi-Fi networking equipment, data servers, and employee IT security awareness.

You cannot protect your organization by simply installing an antivirus suite and a firewall. A comprehensive IT security strategy should include both passive and proactive measures to prevent unauthorized access to your business systems in conjunction with a robust business continuity strategy. Cyber protection is increasingly about having a viable and all-encompassing strategy to keep internal systems secure, stable, and streamlined – not just the installation of a firewall and antivirus.

Qualities of a Reliable IT Security Consultant

You need a cyber-security strategy. But what other qualities make your IT security consultant stand out from the crowd in this very demanding market?

  • IT talent is scarce and in high demand. Choose an IT company with certified professionals on their payroll.
  • Make sure they provide and combine solutions from different hardware makers and software vendors. Not all cyber-security products are born equal.
  • Look for a proactive IT services provider that addresses any new and potential vulnerabilities. There is no such thing as a “fire-and-forget” solution in the world of cybersecurity.
  • Select an IT company that offers both managed IT security services and on-premises data security auditing. Managed antivirus and VPN configurations enable faster response time and enable speedy re-configuring in case of a hack.
  • Choose an IT company that also takes care of your data backups as this is the single most powerful weapon to fight ransomware and way to recover after a successful hacking attack.

Finally, chose an IT services company that is able to align your cybersecurity and IT solutions with your long-term business goals.

Checking My Critical Cyber Security Measures

When you consider whether a company like ClearPath IT Solutions can secure your digital assets and online communications, you should answer these simple questions about the IT security measures you have in place.

  • Do we have password-setting and user access rights policy?
  • Do we have working firewall, antivirus, and spam filters?
  • Are all our applications and devices patched and updated on a regular basis?
  • Are there secure backups of all business-critical data and apps?
  • Do we have a policy and measures to secure mobile devices and cloud accounts that access our systems?
  • Can we secure smart office devices that are part of IoT networks?

This list of questions, when put into the hands of an IT security professional, translates into a viable IT security strategy for your business. The cybersecurity management of your IT assets gets exponentially complex as you add user or customer accounts day by day.

How ClearPath Keeps Your Business Secure

ClearPath IT Solutions offers you a layered approach to IT security, which includes a combination of cyber-security measures that include managed antivirus and VPN solutions for secure and private online connections combined with secure email messaging, secure wireless and Wi-Fi networks. A business continuity strategy that involves secure backup of business-critical data is a must-have within the cybersecurity conversation.

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