Solving IT Problems? Don’t Use Band-Aids

Looking To Solve A Problem?

Don’t Throw Band-Aids At It!

Many of you have heard this phrase before. It merely means that you need to get to the root of a problem rather than covering it up with a temporary fix. It applies to many problems, including ones that involve your technology.

Looking To Solve An IT Problem?

Don’t Use Your Local Computer Guy Who Charges By The Hour!

Here’s the same saying, but altered to apply to the choice you have when it comes to IT service and problem resolution. You can throw a Band-Aid at your technology problem by having a tech come in, fix it, and leave. Or you can sign up for Managed IT Services where your technology will be monitored and managed proactively. This ongoing monitoring and managing will get to the root of your IT problems and fix them once and for all.

What Happens When You Throw Band-Aids At Your IT Issues?

We’ve seen Technology Band-Aids when companies use Break/Fix IT Service. And when we do, the typical result is always the same… wasted time and money.

Break Fix IT is when you use an hourly support service without Service Level Agreements that provide guarantees for problem resolution and uptime. Break/fix techs typically make money on hardware sales, licensing, and of course, hourly support.

A business will call them when they need a project completed or assistance with their network, computers, security … etc. They will finish the task, bill your company, and you may not hear from them again for many weeks, or until the issue resurfaces and you need to call them back.

The problem with this type of service is that you often will experience the same issue again. And when you do, your Break/Fix company will come back and charge you again. It’s actually in the Break/Fix company’s best interest not to get to the root of the problem and fix it completely because the more often they return, the more money they’ll make — And you end up with a Technology Band-Aid that costs you in time and money.

While Technology Band-Aids with Break/Fix service might solve the immediate issue, they’re bad for your overall productivity and efficiency. They can also cause issues with IT security that end up in data breaches and lost business.

Looking To Solve A Problem?

Use Managed Services

Managed Services is a broad term that describes an IT service company that charges a per-user or per-device management fee. This fee typically covers support (remote and/or onsite), data backups, security, proactive services, etc. It’s a more comprehensive relationship because the Managed Service Provider (MSP) has thorough documentation of your network. Their techs are trained on your IT systems so when they perform service, they’ll already have the knowledge they need.

Instead of throwing a Band-Aid at your problem, it benefits an MSP to get to the root of it and fix it once and for all. They’re already getting their monthly “retainer” so they won’t be making money if they have to come back to fix it again.

Managed IT Services With RMM Will Get To The Root Of The Problem

Plus, with Managed IT Services you’ll be signed up for what’s called Remote Monitoring and Management. This is how your MSP makes sure that problems are prevented in the first place.

Their RMM tools allow them to do a number of things to assess the health of your network.

They will load their RMM tools on your workstations and servers so they can gather information regarding how your hardware and software are operating.

To determine the root cause of your problem your MSP will conduct Diagnostic Analytics (Business Intelligence) on data from they collect from their RMM tool. This is how they can identify hidden trends and performance issues. And with ongoing maintenance and monitoring your IT provider can get the information they need to get to the root of a problem and keep your staff working productively.

The RMM tool also supplies your MSP with activity reports that allow them to remotely get to the root of IT issues and resolve them. It provides tracking for trouble tickets, remote desktop monitoring, and an interface for user support.

With Remote Management and Monitoring, your MSP can fix issues without signing directly into an infected machine even if you’re still using a server or computer. All of this enhances the overall performance of your IT infrastructure because issues can be identified and resolved before they create problems like downtime.

No More Band-Aids!

Solutions to the root causes of your IT problems might require a change in hardware, upgrading your software, or even redesigning your IT infrastructure and processes. Then once fixed, your MSP can monitor your system to ensure it doesn’t happen in the future. No more throwing Band-Aids at IT problems!

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