Why Are So Many Illinois Law Firms Outsourcing Their IT Services?

Legal firms like yours in central Illinois usually start out by hiring and managing in-house law firm IT support. After a while though, they start to notice how expensive this is. You have to pay big bucks these days to get the best technology experts. They also want vacation pay, bonuses, insurance, a 401k and many other perks.

Another issue is this: How do know your in-house staff has the depth of experience and expertise necessary to provide all the services your law firm requires? How do you even know if your IT employees are working hard every day? They may simply be faking it.

That’s why outsourced IT services from Clearpath IT Solutions are so valuable. By outsourcing all your needs, you’ll quickly enjoy many benefits such as:

  • Comprehensive Solutions: Our team will streamline your business operations with a complete range of dynamic IT solutions. You’ll reap benefits like a more productive staff, cost-effective IT solutions, and a more cohesive work environment for your staff.
  • Predictable Costs: While an outsourced IT department is available around-the-clock for one monthly flat rate, in-house staff is subject to business hours. What if you have a major network problem at midnight?
  • Talking Your Language: Is your in-house staff familiar with all the software applications that today’s law firms use? You need people who understand how these applications work and how your network should be configured to achieve optimal cohesion between your software and your infrastructure.
  • IT Stability: We combine expert engineers, professional resources and a process for delivering best practices in a consistent manner. This helps you achieve a reliable and effective IT environment that makes it easy to get your work done each day.
  • Maximum Uptime: When your Illinois law firm has the full range of Managed Services from Clearpath IT Solutions, you and your employees can get more done without frustrating delays or downtime.
  • Better Security: With cyber breaches now affecting businesses around the world, it’s important to be prepared on every level. Your employees should be regularly trained about phishing campaigns. Your networks and servers need a layered security approach to avoid breaches. Your entire system should be monitored around the clock for suspicious activity.

Get the IT Services You Need at Predictable Monthly Costs

Does your IT provider fully understand the needs of your law office? Clearpath IT does. We provide a wide range of comprehensive solutions for law offices in Peoria and all of Central Illinois. Why not contact us to learn more?

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