Does Microsoft Office 365 Make Sense for Us?

Microsoft Office 365 Consulting in Central Illinois

Have you been waiting for a cloud solution suitable for enterprise use but priced for small business? The solution might be Microsoft Office 365.

Office 365 for Business is Microsoft’s new subscription service. It includes much of the software you already use every day, along with business services.

What Does Microsoft Office 365 Include?

Office 365 is a bundled set of cloud and server-based services that can include:

  • Hosted Exchange email (Exchange Online)
  • Cloud-based versions of the Office suite
  • OneDrive access (usually 1TB)
  • SharePoint collaboration tool
  • Team sites
  • Lync instant and video messaging

It also includes full Office licensing for a maximum of five workstations and mobile apps for five phones or tablets (iOS, Android, and Windows supported).

Why Small Businesses Benefit from Switching to Microsoft Office 365

If your business already runs Windows, you might wonder why you’d want to upgrade at all when your current Office edition works just as well. Office 365 offers both continuity and flexibility for everyone from small, one-man shows to enterprise-level organizations. Instead of budgeting for the latest software when your license expires, you enjoy the upgrades and improvements as part of your subscription.

The flexibility comes in choosing the right Office 365 edition for your business. There are dozens to choose from that allow you to add as much or as little software as you need. You can also plug-in to the growing number of cloud-based services offered.

You can easily choose the cheapest option and upgrade to the enterprise packages without uninstalling anything.

The three best Office 365 packages for small to mid-size businesses include Office 365 Business Essentials, Office 365 Business, and Office 365 Business Premium.

5 Signs You Could Benefit from Using Microsoft Office 365

Could your business benefit from Office 365 migration? You are ready to make the switch if you recognize any of these scenarios:

  1. You’re still uploading docs and sending them as attachments instead of working collaboratively.
  2. You need to scale in the near future, but you don’t want to scale right now.
  3. Your team works using their terminals and devices.
  4. You spend too much time updating programs and waiting for upgrades.
  5. You spend money on five or more subscription fees every month.

If you recognize one or more of those situations, then you are losing both time and money.

Office 365 allows you to work securely anywhere you have an internet connection and allows collaboration without endless email chains.

It also means that all your programs fall under Microsoft’s security features, which means you don’t need to worry about one of your vendors getting hacked.

Is Office 365 Compatible with My Other Essential Applications?

One of the downsides of Office 365 is that you always have the latest version of Office, which may not be compatible with other line-of-business applications used. You should always doublecheck compatibility with process-critical applications before upgrading Windows or Office.

Having said that, our ClearPath IT Solutions technicians can set up seamless integrations to maintain and even improve your workflow.

Are you thinking about transitioning to Office 365? ClearPath IT can help you decide if it’s the right choice for your business.

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