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With ClearPath IT Solutions on the Job as Your Peoria Computer Service, You Can Watch All Your IT Worries Disappear

With ClearPath IT working hard to keep your business IT network free and clear of any threats to its continued optimum performance — you’ll get the ultimate in all-inclusive, comprehensive IT services. These terms get thrown around a lot these days, but, seriously, with our Peoria computer service on task, it means your ongoing IT stress and worry can vanish — and in its place a free and open space where your primary business concerns aren’t IT-related.

What Truly Dedicated Computer Service in Peoria Looks Like

ClearPath IT Solutions provides you with all the necessary help you need for your business to grow and thrive in an IT worry-free atmosphere. We go far beyond the traditional idea of computer service per se, with so many solutions in our IT management arsenal we can only illuminate a few of them for you in this article.

Managed Services


Information systems technology plays a vital role in your organization, but managing this complexity can drag you away from your core business objectives. With ClearPath IT Solutions’ Managed IT Services in place, however, your IT can be a powerful tool used to gain a competitive advantage in your niche market.

The highly-trained and skilled ClearPath IT Solutions Peoria computer service team can help free up your IT department, allowing you to refocus your resources on more important business initiatives.

We strive on building strong positive relationships with clients on a more personal level, taking pride in treating our clients like they are our family – demonstrating the value we bring as a managed services provider.

When you simply need technology to work for you around the clock, ClearPath IT Solutions’ fully managed computer services in Peoria promote the growth and success of your business in a myriad of ways.

Focusing on your business growth will help improve your bottom line. ClearPath IT Solutions Managed IT Services can help you:

  • Control business costs and improve ROI.
  • Free up IT resources and eliminate staffing challenges associated with scarce, skilled IT resources.
  • Improve efficiency by identifying IT department weaknesses and filling in vital gaps.
  • Reduce system downtime and speed up problem resolution.
  • Optimize the entire IT environment.

The first step to getting to where you want to be is knowing where you are.  When your company engages ClearPath IT Solutions to review and assess the current situation of your business environment, you can trust us to perform an extensive review of your business IT systems and processes to ensure you’ve got the right technology for your business needs.

Our in-depth review and assessment provides a structured method of evaluating your overall business goals, striving to gain in-depth knowledge of your business to help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals.  Isn’t it about time that your technology worked for you?

ClearPath IT Solutions’ Technology Assessment can include the following:

Network Assessment & Review:

  • Statistical analysis based upon industry best practices provides insights to measuring and analyzing performance in all servers, network components and workstations to ensure it is meeting business requirements.
  • Receive a better in-depth understanding of your existing environment and current network to create an effective budget to align with your business needs and goals.
  • Manage and grow your business with industry specific recommendations identified through our IT team’s assessment.

Technology Assessment & Review:

  • Provides best-in-class support and service to ensure your current technology, tools and capabilities match your business needs.
  • We meet with your internal IT team to collaborate and review the findings of the assessment in understanding the current support approach and processes.
  • We use this in-depth assessment to properly prioritize a plan, budget and a proposed timeline to address and resolve identified challenges via internal resources or project outsourcing to ensure your business thrives.

We’re Dedicated Peoria Computer Service Experts Giving You a “Clear Path”

Our team of IT experts understands that having a robust email security service and solution in place is mandatory with cybercrime growing more and more every day.  We work with you to develop unique defense strategies that provide you with cost-effective solutions and services that align with your business needs and goals.

Email Security

ClearPath IT Solutions also offers agile Email Security solutions as part of our Peoria computer services to keep your business operations safe against malicious spam, hackers, and cybercriminals.  Your business must have a complete range of Email Security services that truly keep your business communications safe and secure.

These services also include, but are not limited to:

  • Virus Protection – We supply you with various filters that check and remove all incoming and outgoing messages to safeguard both you and your correspondents from viruses, malware and malicious attacks.
  • Spam Protection – With our advanced filters, ease in differentiating between your important email and the unnecessary junk mail you can reclaim productivity by accessing your emails in a streamlined fashion.
  • Email Encryption – Today’s corporate emails must be secured. Compliance with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FINRA and other government and industry regulations regarding secure communications is a must. Protect customer and client information at all time.
  • Employee Education – Our team of professionals works with you and your employees to provide the right knowledge and instruction on safe email and internet security procedures.

More Ways We Protect Central Illinois Business Organizations

Office 365, Exchange, and other Cloud Services

With Exchange Online and Microsoft Office 365, your IT department has a lot less to worry about: one less server to update, to patch, to upgrade, to backup, and to monitor. No more Exchange updates, patches, or upgrades, either. That means more room on the backup solution, less traffic on the Internet connection, and more money in your pocket.

Our Microsoft Partnership brings you ultimate coverage and expertise with Exchange Online and Microsoft Office 365. We present you with a consistent, predictable monthly cost that covers all MS cloud computing platforms, providing built-in security, extensive privacy controls, continuous compliance and a financially backed guarantee of 99.9% uptime.

We understand the crucial role that budgets play in IT decisions.  Whether you own a small company, a mid-sized firm, or large corporation, we can provide you with a complete managed IT service program tailored precisely to your business budget and needs.

Earned Prestige

Being able to call ourselves Central Illinois’ “Preferred IT Company” isn’t something that comes unearned. It comes with years of dedication to giving our core clientele what they’ve come to expect – and then some. We’ve devoted ourselves to providing computer service in Peoria that goes beyond the normal benchmarks of what’s simply “acceptable,” providing instead the computer service Peoria companies depend upon to keep them afloat always.

We realize that to have a sound reputation and legacy takes long days’ work and devoted excellence. And, we can’t leave a legacy of respectability and excellence by doing something substandard, so our computer support protocol is based on giving our clients something they will be beyond merely satisfied with. It must make them say “Wow! I didn’t know a Peoria computer service could do all that!”

That’s what we live for – that point of “peak customer satisfaction” where our clients glow with praise and come to expect the excellence we’re trained to deliver. That’s why for us, computer services in Peoria must include:

  • Full-spectrum IT security solutions
  • Strategic IT Consulting
  • Wireless networking and Support
  • Perimeter and Email Security Solutions
  • Hosted Exchange and Hosted Services
  • Cloud Technologies and Solutions
  • Desktop Virtualization Services
  • Innovative, Secure VPN Solutions
  • 24/7 Help Desk Services

We cover every business sector with specialized computer service in Peoria IL designed for high-risk industries and professional services like financial, law, and healthcare. Our managed IT services make getting and maintaining IT support as easy as making a phone call or making a simple online inquiry. We stay on top of every possible networking contingency so you don’t lose sleep over possible issues.

Business Continuity – The Cornerstone of Business IT

Our business continuity planning means you can look ahead with confidence that your enterprise can and will survive any cyber-incident, hardware failure, or natural disaster. And with managed antivirus services, business telephone management, and the full range of IT services currently available – we make vulnerabilities and threats to your network a non-issue.

Get the Worry-Free Computer Service Peoria Businesses Trust

ClearPath IT Solutions is proud to offer around-the-clock help desk and responsive IT staff as part of full-spectrum Peoria computer service – and you, too, can get the exceptional computer support you deserve by calling us today at (309) 263-5600 or emailing us at for more information!

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