Questions to Ask When Looking for a Peoria Computer Support Company

You shouldn’t have to experience any anxiety when searching for an IT company that’s right for you. Yet, many business owners are having negative emotions when it comes to their IT service and management. We want to help you eliminate the anxiety, stress, and worry, and be able to reel in the Peoria computer support company that won’t waste your time and money, and won’t disappoint you.

To that end, we’ve put together some key questions you can take to your IT support company (hopefully it’s us and we’ve answered these questions positively):

  1. Can you fit your computer support program with our business operations and concerns?

This is a big one, and the reason we listed it first. You want a computer services company that fundamentally understands your operations and unique business concerns. Not only that, you also want one that can adapt and grow with your changes, adjusting in a scalable fashion to your ever-changing needs. You’ll know you chose the wrong computer support firm if they’re into blanket services, rigid application of support or technology, and don’t listen to your wants, needs, and goals.

  1. Do you offer a free consultation?

If you’re asking us, the answer is an unequivocal “Yes!” As an IT support client these days, you have to be totally sure you have the right computer support company – one that takes the time to do all the right things, at the right times and places. In our case, one free consultation will let you know that this is a different Peoria computer networking support company you’re dealing with. We lay out a “Clear Path” for you in the wilderness of numerous IT challenges and confusion.

  1. What makes your IT services indispensable for growing companies?

It’s likely the fact that we not only “get” what growing businesses in Peoria, IL are all about – we are one ourselves, of course! There are too many businesses in Peoria and across Central Illinois who suffer from inadequate IT support. We feel that your business deserves a lot more than just a quick fix-it guy who gets you in a repeat cycle of break-fix service calls.

You need a partner who cares about the needs of your business and who will ensure your technology is always available to help your business succeed. Ultimately, you’re looking to computer support specialists like us because you need IT service that takes care of all your needs.

  1. Can you handle all aspects of computer repair?

This is a tricky question, because while we’re technically in the business of computer and IT systems repair, we’re also a managed service provider. Meaning, we do vendor management, systems monitoring, and make tweaks and adjustments as needed. Sure, we can “repair” a computer, but that’s not our principal function. With MSPs like us, it’s all about preventative maintenance, monitoring, analysis, assessments, diagnostics, holistic strategy, and adjustment.

It’s more of an all-in-one type of computer service situation, rather than taking your computer in to a “fix-it shop” for a traditional PC repair job.

In that sense, we obviate all kinds of computer fix scenarios because of our proactive monitoring of your computer network and all your IT systems.

We do it by providing strategic IT consulting that ensure your business leverages the most out of its computer technology – both now and long into the future.

  1. What is your Peoria computer support philosophy?

We believe that a company’s technology infrastructure and capacity should support its business strategy, not constrain it.  Our team of IT experts take the time to perform a full audit of all your entire IT infrastructure and business processes before providing custom solution-based services that align perfectly with your business needs.

We believe that each business is unique and so our Peoria IL computer solutions are made to address your current – and future – business needs. Needs like adequate email security to prevent viruses, malware, and other cyber threats are met by us with ready, willing, and able hands.

  1. Can you help us map-out and strategize our IT projects?

If we were fielding this question, the answer is, “Absolutely!” If you need help with IT projects, are looking to invest in (and need guidance on) cloud technologies, or need a complete IT system overhaul, you need seasoned IT specialists like ClearPath IT Solutions guiding you to success.

Which is why our team of IT experts is here for you. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you get the right technology in place on your network, at the right price, maintained by the right team of IT professionals.

We can either work with your own in-house staff, supplement your own IT specialists, or become your vCIO, as ongoing computer support consultants! We’re open and adaptable to whatever service set-up you need, and our diligence is matched by our collective skill-set in helping our clients leverage their information technology to the maximum.

Ready for the best computer support in Central Illinois?

Contact us – ClearPath IT Solutions – now at (309) 407-3043 or email us at to ask any further questions and begin the process of getting the reliable computer support in Peoria your business requires in today’s cyber-marketplace!

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