Are You Taking the Right Steps to Secure Your Clients’ Personal Data?

Did You Know The Financial Services Industry Experienced a 183% Rise in Data Breaches in the Past 2 Years?

Personal DataIn the financial services industry, taking the right steps to secure your clients’ personal data is more than a sound business decision – it’s a legal and ethical obligation you must accept and work towards, in an effort to gain trust while maintaining compliance with industry-specific regulations.

As technology advances, the techniques and tools cybercriminals use to steal personal data advance as well. From ransomware to email scams, those in the financial services industry need to stay ahead of evolving threats and make sure you’re protecting clients against personal data disclosure that leads to:

  • Fraudulent trading
  • The establishment of fraudulent accounts
  • Electronic funds transfer fraud
  • And more

In the modern financial services firm, keeping up with industry-specific regulations, such as FINRA, SOX, or PCI-DSS, is more than complex – it’s constantly evolving and becoming more difficult as the years go by. You need a trusted technology partner that helps you put the right security measures in place, such as:

  • Secure file sharing solutions that ensure access is restricted to those authorized to view information while still allowing flexibility in terms of accessibility from any device or location.
  • Enterprise-grade anti-virus, anti-spam, and firewalls to eliminate the risk of unauthorized users accessing the network and/or potentially malicious activity occurring on systems.
  • Strong encryption for all flash drives, external hard drives, mobile devices, laptops, and more to make sure sensitive information is always safe against disclosure, even in the event of loss.
  • Business continuity planning that keeps all information and applications backed up and ready to recover in a moment’s notice – before, during, and after disaster – for greater operational efficiency.

Here’s the thing: compliance doesn’t need to be stressful or expensive. Sometimes, you simply need a trusted technology partner to help you make sure all of your bases are covered.

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