Proactive Business IT Support That Partners With You

Make the Choice for More Proactive Business IT Support That Partners with You for Better Operations Efficiency

Are you looking to get a clear picture of your current technology? Are you frustrated with inadequate business IT support leading you astray? Why not make the choice, then, for more proactive business IT support that partners with you for better operations efficiency, productivity, and even prosperity?

Clearpath IT provides Strategic IT Consulting to ensure your business leverages the most out of its technology – now and in the future.

We believe that a company’s technology organization should support its business strategy, not constrain it.  Our team of IT specialists takes the time to perform a full audit of all your entire IT infrastructure and business processes before providing custom solution-based processes that align with your business needs.

ClearPath IT Solutions considers that each business is unique, and we accordingly address our solutions not only to look at your current business needs but your future needs as well.

Whether you need help with a particular project, looking to invest in new software or hardware, or even a complete IT system overhaul, hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars can often be at stake. That’s why our team of business IT support experts is here to help you out.  We have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you get the right technology at the right price.

Before we provide services, we get to know your business. That means sitting down and learning about your operations, processes, needs, and the biggest obstacles that technology we help you overcome. We plan strategically for your future, ensuring you’re working with the right services to help your business thrive.

Proactive planning and solutions keep you safe from cybercriminals, hardware issues, and even natural disasters.

With data backup and business continuity solutions, you always have access to your resources, so your business never grinds to a halt.

There’s nothing worse than an unresponsive IT team; so, whenever you reach out, we’re here to help.

Managed IT services Provide You The Right Help You Need

Information systems technology plays a vital role in your organization, but managing this complexity can be a distraction to your key business objectives. With ClearPath IT Solutions Managed IT Services in place, your IT can be a powerful tool used to gain a competitive advantage. Our highly trained and skilled Managed IT Services team can help free up your IT department, allowing you to refocus your resources on more important business initiatives.

We strive on building strong positive relationships with clients on a more personal level, taking pride in treating our clients like they are our family – demonstrating the value we bring to a managed services provider.  When you simply need technology to work for you around the clock, ClearPath IT Solutions’ fully-managed IT support services promote the growth and success of your business.

Focusing on your business growth will help improve your bottom line. ClearPath IT Solutions Managed IT Services can help you:

  • Control business costs and improve ROI.
  • Free up IT resources and eliminate staffing challenges associated with scarce, skilled IT resources.
  • Improve efficiency by identifying IT department weaknesses and filling in vital gaps.
  • Reduce system downtime and speed up problem resolution.
  • Optimize the entire IT environment.

Finally, we understand the crucial role that budgets play in IT decisions.  Whether you own a small company, a large corporation, or mid-sized firm, we can provide you with complete Managed IT services program tailored to your business.

Need Hosted Cloud Services?

We know that running a business is a major balancing act – you need IT that helps you make management of time and tasks easier.  Our team of IT professionals works with you, getting to know your goals and objectives and providing the right services and solutions to help your business thrive and succeed.

ClearPath IT Solutions offers a number of hosted services to ensure that you’re getting the maximum return on your IT investment while providing peace of mind knowing your company data is always secure, safe, and accessible anytime, from anywhere.

As part of our strategic business IT support, we offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS). IaaS provides virtualized resources over the Internet; DaaS provides a virtual desktop infrastructure, allowing a single application to be utilized by multiple users.

Our hosted services first and foremost provide convenience, allowing you and your team to get work done from wherever you need to.

Feel rest assured knowing you’re fully supported in times of need. When you need to contact us, you will always reach a live person who can understand and resolve any business IT support issues you are having.

Your workforce has access to everything they need to continue working in the face of hardware issues or natural disasters. With a lessened risk of downtime and disruption, you’re able to function at your absolute best around the clock.

How About In-Depth Technology Assessments?

Do you know exactly what is going on with your business IT network?

The first step to getting your IT network to where you want it to be is knowing where it currently stands.  When your company engages ClearPath IT Solutions to review and assess the current situation of your business environment, you can trust us to perform an extensive review of your business IT systems and processes to ensure you’ve got the right technology for your business needs.

Our in-depth review and assessment provide a structured method for evaluating your overall business goals and business IT support requirements, striving to gain in-depth knowledge of your business to help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals.  Isn’t it about time that your technology worked for you?

ClearPath IT Solutions’ Technology Assessment can include the following:

Network Assessment & Review:

Statistical analysis based on industry best practices provides insights to measuring and analyzing performance in all servers, network components, and workstations to ensure it is meeting business requirements.

Receive a better in-depth understanding of your existing environment and current network to create an effective budget to align with your business needs and goals.

Manage and grow your business with industry-specific recommendations identified through our business IT support assessment.

Technology Assessment & Review:

Providing best-in-class business IT support and service to ensure your current technology, tools, and capabilities match your business needs.

Meeting with your internal IT team to collaborate and review the findings of the assessment in understanding the current approach and processes.

We will use this in-depth assessment to properly prioritize a plan, budget and a proposed timeline to address and resolve identified challenges via internal resources or project outsourcing to ensure your business thrives.

Setting up, maintaining and training a team of operators and managers is an expensive cost to your business that lowers your bottom line on a daily basis.  We recruit, train, and retain only the highest caliber of staff to ensure consistent business IT support quality at every level with our outsourcing IT Help Desk Services – which are viewed as a deductible business expense.

We also give you the most advanced levels of security to protect against cybercrime.

As threats become increasingly sophisticated, you must have the right perimeter security and firewalls in place to safeguard against the evolving world of cybercrime. It’s only a matter of time before you’re targeted – make sure you’re ready to prevent the costly downtime and reputational damage that comes from data breaches.

We know an unprotected company is like a ticking time bomb – and it’s not long until cybercriminals set their targets on you. Don’t take risks. We provide perimeter security and firewalls that cover all the bases:

Comprehensive content filtering wherein you’re able to set policies (group-based or site-wide) to prevent online fraud, phishing attacks, and more as your employees can’t access inappropriate or malicious websites.

Enterprise-grade firewalls that keep your network protected by restricting access to unauthorized users/applications, in order to give you greater protection against viruses and malware.

Intrusion detection systems designed to monitor for any network or system activities that are potentially dangerous or malicious – giving you peace of mind knowing issues are handled as soon as they occur.

Our IT Help Desk Services Are an IT Network’s Best Friend

Each step in our help desk outsourcing process is designed to address end-user issues promptly and effectively. And, we put measures in place to prevent incidents from occurring again.  Our comprehensive, high-quality IT Help Desk Services focus on maintaining the highest level of business IT support for your end users, without increasing costs.  Leaving you to focus on what’s most important to you – your business!

ClearPath IT Solutions offers customers the benefit of our Help Desk services in these distinct ways:

  • Ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction knowing that our highly trained experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Remotely or on-site if required to get you back up and running quickly.
  • Greatly reduce your business operating costs through increased leverage of remote support services and self-service capabilities.
  • Increase staff efficiencies and productivity with our outsourced IT Help Desk experts, also helping improve your bottom line.
  • Improving your company’s service levels through continuous process improvements; resulting in better quality and lower costs.

And, there’s so much more we can do, as well, like firm Business Continuity Planning, Microsoft Office 365 help, Desktop Virtualization services, and much more.

Let Us Partner with You for Better Business IT Support in Peoria

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