When You Need IT help You Need IT Now.

phone_support_illinoisThere’s nothing worse than leaving a voice mail on some computer person’s cell phone and hoping that they will call you back. Even worse is having to fill in a support email form on their website and pray that your issue will be addressed sometime this week.

When you have an IT problem you need it fixed now.

Your business deserves to have an IT tech or team of professionals who are responsive and take care of your needs. Your business deserves to have Clear Path Solutions, LLC take care of your IT.

When we ask business owners and managers in Morton the number one reason why our clients continue to work with us, they always reply that it’s due to our responsiveness when issues arise.  Having a great IT team in their corner is also important to them, but business owners unanimously tell us, they just want an IT company that is responsive, knowledgeable, and professional.

Why would you continue to work with a managed IT services company that lacks the ability to respond to your IT needs in a timely fashion? Our team of highly trained, certified, and skilled IT experts will make sure your needs are taken care of promptly and effectively.

When you work with Clear Path Solutions, LLC you get:

  • A dedicated support team that’s available during business hours and after hours if required.
  • Open communications from the team working on your IT issues.
  • Complete follow through and follow up during and after resolution of your IT problem.
  • Recommendations to prevent issues from reoccurring in the future.

Ask your existing IT company or computer guy if he/she/they offer you a written service level agreement (SLA) backed by a guarantee of satisfaction. If they offer you no guarantee or SLA, look for another IT company – Look for Clear Path Solutions, LLC. We give you all of this and more.

Need a team of IT experts?  Call Clear Path Solutions, LLC today at (309) 263-5600 or email us at sales@clearpathit.com. You can be assured that your needs are our top priority. Our goal is to ensure your success by providing exemplary services; and when we do, we hope that you’ll refer us to your colleagues.  

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