Why Adding IoT Devices to Your Corporate Network Can Be Dangerous

What You Need to Know About Adding IoT Devices to Your Network

Does your business allow simple IoT devices to be hooked up to your corporate network? If so, read this article about the danger these devices may pose.  

Many businesses have been thrilled with the ability to add useful products such as security cameras and smart outlets to their company networks. These IoT (Internet of Things) devices are generally inexpensive, easy to set up, and convenient to use — often connected directly to smartphones or laptops by Bluetooth technology.

Unfortunately, the majority of these products lack adequate security and protection. Many of them don’t have protection at all and are thusly putting Central Illinois companies at risk. At ClearPath IT Solutions, this is something we’ve seen quite a lot of, and we are concerned about our clients’ security.

IoT Device Security

What Is the Internet of Things?

Before diving into the dangers posed by the Internet of Things or IoT, let’s define what this term means.

According to WIRED Magazine, “In the broadest sense, the term IoT encompasses everything connected to the internet, but it is increasingly being used to define objects that ‘talk’ to each other.”

How Can the Internet of Things Be Dangerous to Business?

To be sure, IoT devices can be useful in a multitude of ways. However, they can also pose a threat. Most of all, this is because IoT devices like IP cameras, digital home assistants (think Amazon’s Alexa), smart-home devices (like plugs or splitters), and smartwatches and TVs almost always carry out their traffic transactions on usual text channels.

This is bad because it means that outsiders can intercept the channels and create cyber problems right away.

Not even most websites use normal text channels anymore because of this danger. Hackers, therefore, are starting to champ at the bit to exploit this weakness.

Don’t let hackers do this to you. Work with your IT services provider to come up with a security plan to protect your company. This will probably mean eliminating unnecessary IoT devices, but it may also mean putting up firewalls and employing other dedicated security services.

Is Your Central Illinois Business Safe From Cyber Threats?

Cyber threats pose real dangers to companies and organizations around Illinois and the nation. Whether through ransomware attacks, employee data thefts, or other crimes, these infiltrations are made much easier for hackers when you continually add unsecured IoT devices to your corporate network.

As experts in IT security and protection, we at ClearPath IT Solutions suggest you stop this practice immediately if it’s something you’ve encountered with your co-workers or employees. If you would like to add supplemental devices to your corporate network, work with our technical staff who can help make sure the devices are secure or assist you in finding safer alternatives.

At ClearPath IT Solutions, we have extensive experience designing, installing, maintaining, and securing wireless networks, computer systems, and cloud data storage that you can feel safe and secure using. Are you looking for better IT security and managed IT services?

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