5 Signs of a Dependable Wireless Network Provider

In the search for wireless internet service providers, there are certain criteria you will want them to meet before contracting with them. Here are 5 signs of a wireless network provider you will likely be able to trust to deliver the goods:

  1. They’re well-reviewed online. One of the first attributes of a dependable wireless network provider any prospective customer will search for is their overall rating on customer review sites. You will want a company that rates in the 3.5 to 5 out of 5 stars range, and doesn’t have any outstandingly bad reviews. One or two bad reviews might slip in there because you can’t please everybody, but you do want them to have an overwhelming majority of satisfactory to good reviews.
  2. They provide responsive, multifaceted support. As wireless network providers, your service provider should be multifaceted and not one-dimensional in their support program. They should be able to look at all sides of any issue pertaining to wireless connectivity. If they can’t provide you adequate assurance of this, look elsewhere.
  3. They will be forthcoming about all aspects of their business or platform. Call your prospective wireless service provider and ask them about any and all aspects of their service. Ask them if they have 24/7 support, and how fast and responsive that support is. Can they guarantee 4 or 5 bars of connectivity – barring a natural disaster, tower failure or power outage? If they hesitate to answer directly on any of your questions, you should say, “Next!”
  4. They don’t price-gouge, they charge at a rate scalable with their service platform. Cheaper wireless service is always an attractive feature. A certain here-unnamed wireless network provider got into trouble a few years ago for price-gouging customers for services they didn’t end up receiving. Your wireless network company shouldn’t engage in these kinds of confiscatory and unethical practices. Instead, their prices will be scalable to their service platform, and will even offer price-per-minute plans, making sure you don’t pay for more than you are getting.
  5. They are both wireless phone and internet providers. Many people already receive both their wireless phone and Internet service through one provider, but “WISP” is truly the wave of the future that will link everyone up globally in the coming years. As reported by PC World in 2013, getting both wireless internet service as well as cell phone service via one carrier is not only going to be de rigueur in the future, it’s also a good sign that your wireless service provider has the right stuff to be reliable long-term.

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