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Frustrated by the limitations of your current wireless network?  Not sure where to start?

Discover how Wireless Networking Solutions from Clear Path Solutions, LLC provides access to a reliable and unified wireless network.

Designed with mobility in mind, Clear Path Solutions, LLC Wireless Networking delivers security, quality and a seamless data and voice experience.  When it comes to wireless access, offices can run into many obstacles and limitations.  Concrete, antiquated wiring and a host of other physical factors within the buildings where they’re located can interfere with wireless connectivity.  Now couple that with the hundreds – even thousands – of people working on the premises daily with their cell phones, tablets and personal hotspots.

Clear Path Solutions, LLC is Morton’ premier IT and technology consulting company serving the needs of businesses across the region.  Many businesses rely on us to install wireless (Wi-Fi) networks to increase employee productivity, and maintain efficiencies across their entire workforce.

So how can you get your wireless network to run as quickly and reliably as a wired network?  And how do you ensure that all wireless users have the access they need? Put Clear Path Solutions, LLC to work on you wireless network.  We can:

  • Through our comprehensive assessment, we learn exactly what you need and expect from your wireless network ensuring you leverage the most out of your technology.
  • A conducted site survey will determine the optimal locations for wireless access points, nodes and workstations.
  • Set up and administrate managed wireless networking solutions for fast, reliable results.
  • Split wireless networks to determine levels of access and security for different users (e.g., employees, guests, etc.)

Finally, we understand the crucial role that budgets play in IT decisions.  Whether you own a small company, a large corporation, or mid-sized firm, we can provide you with complete Wireless Networking services tailored to your business needs and goals.

Experience Wireless Networking services that businesses trust each day.

Contact Clear Path Solutions, LLC at (309) 263-5600 or send us an email at sales@clearpathit.com to book your no-obligation consultation with our team today.  Get the solutions right for your business needs to grow and thrive!

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