New COVID-19 Inspired Security Changes to Zoom

Zoom Improves Security Measures Amid COVID-19 Inspired Concerns

Is your Central Illinois business concerned about security issues related to the video chatting service Zoom? 

If your Central Illinois business regularly uses Zoom to video conference while the coronavirus pandemic persists, there are some things you should know about the security and privacy of this platform.

Chief among these things is the fact that Zoom has been under fire for privacy violations. Several different privacy-related problems have occurred with technology. Most importantly, hackers have been able to infiltrate many Zoom calls in attempts to participate in what’s known as “Zoom bombing.”


New COVID-19 Inspired Security Changes to Zoom

What Is Zoom Bombing?

“Zoom bombing” is when a hacker infiltrates a Zoom call by suddenly appearing within the video call and causing trouble. Sometimes, “Zoom bombers” will shout or say inappropriate things, such as profanities. They may show inappropriate images or videos as well.

While it doesn’t always lead to the obstruction of networks or confiscation of data, “Zoom bombing” is certainly disruptive and is a problem for Central Illinois companies who are trying to conduct serious business during this crisis.

What Has Zoom’s Response Been to “Zoom Bombing”?

The good news is that Zoom has been quite responsive has they react to “Zoom bombing.” They have come through with several important privacy and security measures. These measures are quite robust in response to the security problems they have been facing.

According to the Zoom website, “Privacy and security are top of mind, especially during these times with end-users working remotely.” CEO Eric S. Yuan, says that Zoom not only plans to implement new security measures, but they will do so in a highly transparent manner. This is all an attempt to keep the customers they have and continue gaining more, especially as the pandemic lockdowns and quarantines continue. According to Yuan, a comprehensive review will be conducted within the company. Other changes have been made as well. For example, a feature called “attention tracking,” which tells your supervisor if you’ve clicked away during a Zoom call is not gone.

Probably most importantly, amidst the changes that Zoom is making is there freeze of new features. In effect, they will not be focusing on creating new features for Zoom right now. Instead, they will put all of their engineering and technological focus on improving and revamping their security and privacy measures.

Lastly, in addition to focusing on improving security measures, Zoom will fix several bugs that have left holes for hackers to take advantage of. Namely, they will make it harder for passwords to be leaked (Windows problem), and they’ll stop hackers from being able to access the microphone and camera of Zoom users (Mac problem).

Having Trouble With Zoom? Get Help From Clearpath IT Solutions

Clearpath IT Solutions and help your Central Illinois business improve security measures that will extend to the use of Zoom and related technologies.

While the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 is going on, it is more important than ever for businesses to keep their data and networks secure. Clearpath IT Solutions can help your business become more secure and stay more secure.

Contact us today to learn more about our IT services and support. Know that we are doing our best to maintain the highest level of security among our clients, and we wish all of our clients and fellow business owners the best during this challenging time.

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